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How Often Should I Go to My Dentist?

At London Dental Care, we recommend that our patients come in for a wellness check-up at least twice a year. This allows us to clean your teeth and gums while checking for signs of any oral health problems. Depending on your oral health and medical history, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits.

How Often Should I Brush My Teeth?

To maintain a bright, healthy smile, we recommend brushing your teeth at least twice daily. In addition to brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash with fluoride every day will keep your teeth strong and help prevent decay.

Be sure to avoid “scrubbing” your teeth, as this can lead to gum recession.

What Kind of Toothbrush Should I Use?

The brand of toothbrush you use is not as important as the type. The size of the head and type of bristle are the main factors you should keep in mind when buying a brush.

We recommend toothbrushes with soft bristles and a small head. Over time, medium and hard brushes can cause irritation and lead to gum recession. Brushes with small heads are easier to use and allow you to clean around each tooth more thoroughly.

Is There One Toothpaste Better Than Others?

Generally speaking, there is no particular brand or type of toothbrush that is the best. However, we recommend patients use a toothpaste that contains fluoride to help strengthen enamel and fight dental decay.

What Is the Difference Between a “Crown” and a “Cap”?

Crowns and caps are used to restore teeth that need extensive restorations. For example, to repair a severely broken tooth we will remove any decay, fillings, or loose material and then cover all or most of the tooth with a cap or crown. The material we use will be made of porcelain, composites, gold, or stainless steel.

Dentists refer to these types of restorations as “crowns.” Patients may use the term “cap,” or “crown,” but there is no real difference between the two.

Are Silver Fillings Dangerous?

No, the U.S. Public Health Service issued a report in 1993 stating there is no health reason to avoid using silver amalgam fillings. However, due to their appearance, many patients today request “white,” or tooth-colored fillings.

Can I Get White Fillings Instead of Silver Ones?

Yes! White, or tooth-colored fillings, are a great, natural-looking alternative to traditional silver ones. Besides their superior appearance, these fillings are usually less sensitive to temperature, bond to the tooth structure easily, and help strengthen teeth that have been weakened by decay.

Unfortunately, if a tooth is very badly broken or decayed, we may not be able to use a filling. In this case, a crown may be necessary to provide a stronger, longer-lasting restoration.

I Have to Have a Crown – Do I Need a Root Canal?

No. Thankfully, crowns can be placed without a root canal procedure. However, most patients who have had a root canal will need a crown to strengthen and restore the use of their teeth.

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